Design and Communication Graphics

What is Design and Communication Graphics?

This new syllabus was introduced by the Department of Education in 2007 and it replaced the old Technical Drawing course.

What’s New?

CAD and freehand sketching are compulsory components of the subject and students will be examined in these two areas.

Graphic communication (including communication of design) is now firmly at the core of this syllabus and will also be examined in the form of the student assignment.


To develop the cognitive and practical skills associated with communication graphics, problem solving and critical thinking

To develop the capacity and ability of students in the area of visuo-spatial reasoning

To provide a learning environment where students can plan, organize and present appropriate design solutions using a variety of skills, techniques and media

To develop an appreciation for, and understanding of, aesthetic principles and their importance in design and the human environment

To provide a basis for lifelong learning.

Key Emphasis:

The establishment of the core principles of plane and descriptive geometry

The utilization of sketching and CAD as design and communication tools

The connection between topics

The application of theory to practice

The development of practical drawing skills

The engendering of problem solving skills and creative thinking

The advancement of lifelong learning skills.


What areas will I study in DCG?

The syllabus is broken down into three areas as follows:

Core Areas:

  1. Plane and Descriptive Geometry

          Projection Systems

          Plane Geometry

          Conic Sections

          Descriptive Geometry of Lines and Planes

          Intersection and Development of Surfaces

  1. Communication of Design and Computer Graphics

           Graphics in Design and Communication

           Communication of Design

           Freehand Drawing

           Information and Communication Technologies


  1. Applied Graphics (Two options are selected for study in this area)

Dynamic Mechanisms

Structural Forms

Geologic Geometry

Surface Geometry



So to summarize what are the 3 main Skills learned by studying DCG?

  1. Solidworks (3D CAD Software)
  2. Freehand Drawing
  3. Tee-square and Board Drawing


 How will Design and Communication Graphics be assessed?

Student’s progress during the two year course will be assessed in a number of different ways by the teacher. There will be a combination of informal and formal assessment.

Informal assessment:

This will include the students receiving verbal feedback from the teacher on how students are progressing and performing as we move from topic to topic. Students will be asked questions during and at the end of lessons. Students work will also be observed and future lessons can then be prepared to cater for all student’s needs.


Formal assessment:

Students will be given examinations after each board drawing topic is studied and again at Christmas and summer of the first year. Students will also be given a small design assignments which will involve communication of ideas through freehand drawing and Solidworks a 3-D CAD (Computer Aided Design) package.


The National Council of Curriculum and Assessment will assess students using two components:

  1. A course assignment (which is worth 40% of the marks)
  2. A terminal examination paper (which is worth 60% of the marks)


Course Assignment:

The purpose of the course assignment is to assess those elements of the course that cannot be readily assessed through the terminal examination, in particular the elements of design and communication graphics and the utilisation of ICTs in design (CAD namely Solidworks will form a significant and compulsory component here).


Terminal Examination Paper:

A variety of questioning techniques and methods will be utilized throughout the examination.


Students studying Design and communication Graphics have the option to take examinations at either higher or ordinary level depending on what suits them best.


What Future Professions could DCG lead to?



Product Design

Graphic Design

Web Design



Are topics covered in DCG related to any other subjects you may be studying?





Information Technology




Construction Studies


What other skills/tools are learned by studying DCG?

Internet Research

Photography and Picture Editing

Tutorial Production

Video Capture and Editing

ICT Skills e.g. Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, File Management etc.

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