We endeavour to equip our students with key skills for the future and instil in them a love of lifelong learning  as well as personal growth.

Home Economics

This is a three year course.

The syllabus is divided in two areas:

  1. A common core
  2. An optional study area

The common core comprises of the following five main areas of study which is studied by all students;

  • Food Studies and Culinary Skills
  • Consumer Studies
  • Social Health Studies
  • Resource Management and Home Studies and Technology
  • Textiles

The optional study allows students the opportunity to undertake a more detailed study of one of the following 3 areas:

  • Childcare
  • Design and Craftwork
  • Textile Skills

 The Junior Certificate Home Economics exam involves;

  1. A Food Studies/practical cookery exam (usually held around Easter in 3rdyear)
  2. Project based on optional area
  3. A written paper

The exam is marked as follows

  • Optional project – 15%
  • Practical cookery exam – 35%
  • Written Paper – 50%