Home Economics

The course is divided into two main areas;

  1. Core Area

                   Food studies 45%    Resource Management 25%    Social Studies 10%

  1. Elective– A detailed study of social issues eg. poverty, unemployment etc.


  • Examination;
  1. Written exam based on core (60%) and elective (20%) – 80% of total marks.
  2. 2. Food studies coursework journal – 20% of total marks.


  • Students must complete 4 food studies assignments.
  • These are research based investigations on topics specified by the Dept. of Education and change each year.
  • The assignments are completed by students and sent to the exams commission usually around the first week of November of the leaving cert year.
  • Research must be students own work with teacher guidance only. Past assignments include research on sarcopenia, osteoporosis, yogurt making, the properties of sugar, sensory analysis etc.
  • The assignments include a practical cookery component. This can only be completed in school in the presence of the teacher on a designated date.

Requirements To Complete Course;

  • A folder to protect notes given in class.
  • A commitment to attend all classes except in exceptional circumstances eg. illness etc. Irregular attendance impacts negatively on students’ progress and understanding of topics covered in class.
  • Written homework must be completed to a high standard and to the best of the student’s ability.
  • Learning material covered in class is vital.
  • Students must take responsibility for their own coursework journal at all times. Under Dept. guidelines, the journal can only be written up if the student was present in class and completed the practical element in the presence of the class teacher.
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