Guidance for Parents and Students for Online Learning

BCS has created a short student guide to ensure that every student has the necessary guidance to be successful at distance learning. We advise every student to read the short guide. Please find the guide HERE.

Please read below for guidance on using Office 365, MS Teams and OneDrive. 

Go to to sign in.

Log into using your school login details. Please contact the school if there is an issue with login details.
Once you login you will reach the application screen. You can access Outlook for emails, Teams for remote learning, OneDrive for shared folders and files, OneNote for online documents as well as other applications like PowerPoint and Excel. Check with the school website to see what your teacher is using if you are unsure.
To check what folders your teacher has shared with you in OneDrive, click on the “Shared” menu and then “Shared with me”. If your teacher has shared a file or folder with you via OneDrive it will be visible here.
If your teacher has set up a remote classroom, it will be visible in MS Teams via the “Teams” menu. Indeed, you may have many classes here when you click the menu. Click into the class to see what assignments your teacher has assigned for you.
To complete an assignment or quiz in MS Teams, click on it and follow the instructions.

For more information on attaching assignments in MS Teams see this page.

For a comprehensive overview of all the aspects of MS Teams see this page

Uploading an assignment video guide:


Uploading an Assignment to Teams with your phone

Uploading an Assignment to Teams with your phone

Learn More


Learn More


Advice for families regarding internet safety can be found on Webwise by clicking here.

Department Guidelines

The Department of Education and Skills have released two new documents to support students and parents/guardians while schools are closed.

The document for students contains advice about how students can manage their wellbeing. It can be found here

The document for parents/guardians provides advice about the following: 1. Schoolwork 2. Normal Daily Routines 3. Physical Activities & Housework 4. Social Activities 5. Enjoyable/Creative Activities. It also provides a list of useful tips. It can be found here