Welcome to Bailieborough Community School: An exciting place to be, learn, teach, work and lead!


Bailieborough Community School opened in September 1981 and celebrated the opening formally on the 8th November 1982 with Mr. John Wilson T.D. for Cavan and Government Minister.

The amalgamation of Bailieborough Vocational School (established in the 1930’s by the VEC) and Lourdesville Secondary School (established in 1965 by the Presentation Sisters) brought together two respected educational traditions and their teaching staff into the new built Community School.

Its Board of Management comprised representatives of the religious authorities, the VEC, parents and teachers, under the trusteeship of the Diocese and the VEC.

From this point onwards, all the children of Bailieborough and neighbouring towns of Shercock and Kingscourt and the rural catchment areas could be educated in this new Community School system.

A full range of subjects and supporting modern facilities were on offer, giving exciting learning opportunities to both boys and girls and the teaching staff. 

From its foundation the Community School has enjoyed the support of the whole community with enrolment from all socio-economic backgrounds. Students come mainly from all the local primary schools and the school’s Admissions Policy welcomes students from all abilities. It endeavours to cater for students of widely differing individual needs, subject to the provision of required resources from the Department of Education and Skills. Down through the years, the available curriculum has evolved and expanded to meet the changing needs of the student population.

The teaching staff, each member qualified in their subject area, always dedicate themselves to developing each student’s academic talents; then, through a wide range of sporting and cultural activities they promote the development of the student’s personal lifelong skills.

Bailieborough Community School enjoys the consistent support and involvement of parents and steady annual enrolments are the endorsements of the school’s many achievements and successes.

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