Our aim is to generate and maintain an inclusive climate of learning within which each student is enabled to develop and fulfil their unique potential.


Guidance in second-level schools refers to a range of learning experiences, provided in a developmental sequence which assist students to develop self-management skills, thus helping them to make effective choices about their lives. Guidance covers the following three areas:

  • Personal counselling and social development
  • Educational guidance and counselling
  • Vocational guidance – career guidance


Counselling in Bailieborough Community School is a key element of the guidance programme. It is offered on an individual or group basis as part of a developmental process and at times of personal crisis.


Aims of the Guidance Counselling Service

  1. To assist all students develop to their full potential
  2. To ensure a structured response to student’s personal, social, educational and vocational needs.
  3. To provide a caring and supportive service that help to meet the needs of all students.
  4. To provide a non-judgemental counselling service on a one-one/ group basis.
  5. To refer students with more advanced needs to the appropriate outside services- G.P, CAMHS etc.
  6. To administer aptitude tests- CATs for 6th class pupils and DATs in 3rd year. Results from these tests are used to help students gain supports where needed (link with the SEN department) and to make good choices for Senior Cycle, careers etc.


Care team at Bailieborough Community School

The care team in BCS meet on a weekly basis. The role of the care team is to put supports in place for students that may need extra help during difficult times. The Guidance Counsellor is a member of the care team in our school.

Making an appointment

  • A student may be referred to the Guidance Counsellor by a teacher
  • A parent may ask for some support/ intervention from the Guidance Counsellor
  • A student may approach the Guidance Counsellor directly and request an appointment
  • A post box is located at the guidance office. Students may put their names in the box and the Guidance Counsellor will follow up later that day or week.

Contents of the Guidance Plan

1st year:

  • Pre entry assessment in 6th class. These results are used to help identify strengths and weaknesses and provide support if needed, in conjunction with the SEN department.
  • Support with the transition from primary to secondary
  • Support with subject choice including practical subjects.
  • On-going personal counselling: one – one meetings for everyone and extra support when requested.

3rd years:

  • Aptitude tests in 3rd year (DATs) to help with senior cycle choices and subject choices. Feedback from these tests is individual and parents are free to attend also by appointment.
  • Senior cycle options night.
  • Support re study skills, levels for exams and implications for the future.

Transition year:

  • Formal guidance class where students are following the careers portal reach programme. This programme covers all topics related to guidance- work experience, subject choice, careers interest tests, CV and interview preparation etc.

5th and 6th year:

  • Guest speakers from the various IT’s, Universities, PLC colleges, Apprenticeships, UCAS, Eunicas etc.
  • Visits to career exhibitions such as Higher Options, CMETB careers fare day.
  • Visits to our local IT- DKIT and PLC college- Cavan Institute.
  • School talks on the CAO application process, UCAS and Eunicas application process.
  • One-one meetings for all 6th years to discuss career decisions.

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