Celebrations and Activities make for a fun Maths Week in BCS

This week we are celebrating Maths Week 2016. This event will run all week and will run alongside study skills week. The Maths Department have set up a range of fun, exciting and interesting activities for everyone to take part in. There will be a quiz of the day, located at the general office. Answers are to be placed in the box by the end of lunchtime each day. These quizzes are accessible to every age and year group. First years will take part in a Maths Trail throughout the week. Second years will take part in a Maths Week Quiz. All years can participate in the ‘Guess how many sweets in the jar?’. Each guess is 50c. The jar will be available at lunchtime Wednesday-Friday for students to guess. All proceeds will be going to St. Vincent De Paul. The winner will receive the jar of sweets. Good luck everyone, and happy Maths Week!