Our examination system is quite tough, and it demands that we study/revise constantly.

Study includes – written work, graphic work, learning, reading note-taking, testing and revision and work against the clock.

You need to study each school night for two hours and also at the weekend.

Examination students need to study for a longer period.

Good study habits lead to good examination results which will enable you to reach your full potential.

Be active during study by making out notes and constantly testing yourself to check you understand the material and always work against the clock .

Revision Notebooks:

You should have a revision notebook. This notebook should contain a summary of each topic in that subject, in your own words. This you will do when the teacher completes a topic or a chapter in a subject.

Study tips:

Your study area must be free from noise and distraction.

It must be away from the TV, DVD, Radio, iPod, phone, laptop, tablet.

Music is generally seen as a distraction when studying.

Turn off you mobile phone and leave it in another room.

Games and extra-curricular activities, cannot interfere with study time.

Part-time work seriously interferes with your homework and study so needs to be reduced during school term.

Make out a Study Timetable and stick to it. This will benefit you greatly. It will give you a structured and disciplined approach to your study. It will also reduce stress and tension.

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