Improving My Revision Work

Organised, regular revision enables you to recall the information necessary for your exams – You should revise topics each day after class, at the weekend and before each exam/test.


Make out a list of topics you have to revise for each subject (use your text book & exam papers)

Make every effort to understand fully each topic you are revising.

Make out a revision timetable – This enables you to be organised and avoid stress. (See timetable template in your journal and on the school website)

Revising with 1-2 friends can be a great help – you can explain topics to and ask question of each other.



Before you open a book – ask yourself what do you know about the topic and check questions you could be asked. Pre-test yourself on what you already know by asking the 5 W’s –who, what, where, when and and why. *

Make out short notes or points as you read, using your preferred note taking style * (keywords, mind maps, diagrams, flash cards, mnemonics).

When you are finished, close notes and test yourself again. Review .

Open the book, correct the mistakes you made and revise slowly.

Take your time – no point revising a topic on a Monday and then having to revise it again in a few days because you didn’t do it fully.

The Principle of Learning

  1. Have a go —   2. Make mistakes —   3. Correct them!


And- You only know a topic if you can teach/explain it to a friend!

*Use SQ4R Method for Learning: Survey Question, Read, Recite Rewrite & Review, or

*POKER-Pre-test, Overview, Keywords/facts, Etch and Sketch, Review.

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