Working on Improving my Memory

Our examination system demands that we  need to remember facts, figures and lots of detailed information for our exams. While hard work is essential in helping us remember, there are many aids which can also help us.

UnderstandUnderstanding a topic fully makes it easier to remember.

Order – It is important to study some topics in order. It is easier to remember if we can see/make a link between topics e.g. a study of volcanic activity leads to an understanding of igneous rocks and also volcanic mountains.

Revision – We lose most of what we learn in the 8-12 hour period after we learn it. Revising within that timeframe really helps us to remember.

Record – By writing down keywords, facts sentences, formulas helps us to remember them.

Notes – By making out a summary of topics/chapters really helps us to remember, especially during revision for exams. You can use mind maps diagrams, condensed notes, flash cards.

Mnemonics – You can make up a word from the first letter of a number of words of sentences to help you remember them e.g. SIM helps us to remember the three types of rocks Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic. Also

By Association/Linkage – Associating or linking a topic or date with something can help you remember e.g. 1845 the year of the Famine could be remembered as a time i.e. quarter to seven.

By Rhyme/Song/Poem – You may be able to make up a rhyme/song/poem to help you remember e.g. in fourteen hundred and ninety two (1492), Columbus sailed the ocean blue, ABC song!.

Interest – If you develop an interest in a subject, it really helps you focus. Check out video clips, TV programmes, podcasts, Apps

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