What should I do in class?

Pay attention to your teacher, and get actively involved in class.

This is vital to your success in school.

You need to attend and be attentive in all your classes. Be on time for class. Make sure you have all required equipment.

Keep away from disruptive pupils, and close friends.

Make every effort to understand the topic being taught. If you fully understand then you will easily remember.

Ask questions of your teacher if you need to.

Be active in class by taking notes from the board and from the teacher, this will help you remember. Highlight keywords and facts.

Record your homework /dates of tests at the end of each class.

At night complete your homework and revise the topics taught in class.

You could also expand on notes taken in class. Notes must be recorded in your own words. If you are still unsure of any aspect of the topic, ask your teacher in class next day.

If you are absent from class, get homework and notes from a friend.

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