Bailieborough Community School offers a number of optional and compulsory educational programmes.

Study Skills Introduction

Aims of The Study Skills Programme:

To provide students with a range of study skills strategies to help them make maximum and efficient use of their time and thereby improve academic performance.

To make learning easier and to help retain what is learned for longer.

To feel the work and effort involved is worthwhile; it ‘pays dividends’.

To help reduce stress levels and enhance students beief in their academic ability.

Target Group: The whole school community

Brief Outline of The Study Skills Programme: 

The Study Skills Programme was designed to provide students with the skills and information needed to deal with the academic challenges of preparing for Junior and Senior Cycle study and examinations.

The programme comprises of lessons and workshops on the various aspects of studying, as outlined below. SPHE teachers deliver practical study skills lessons to all Junior Cycle classes in SPHE. The latter sessions are taught as part of a three week Study Skills module, which is developed using the SPHE resource materials.

Ms. Monaghan and Ms Mc Namee provide presentations for students 5th and 6th year students.

Some successful senior students, deliver talks to  First Years on the study skills strategies they use for the Junior Certificate.

Heads of various subject departments and individual subject teachers cover useful teaching strategies for their given subjects and provide written notes on these strategies.

During Study Skills Week, from Nov 9th to 13th, daily tips and study-related inspirational quotes were displayed in each assembly area and the main assembly area. Mr Kenny, DP, included condensed study advice in assembly notes, which were read out at student assembly each morning, during Study Skills Week.

A notice board on a free-standing stand was assembled at the office window, with details of and advice on Study Skills Week.

The school website as well as the school online library have great study skills material. Students are referred to this reference resource point as well.

 A Study Skills for Success booklet has been revised and updated and contains much of the resource material covering the key aspects of Study Skills, covered during Study Skills Week (see links in menu).

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