Safer Internet Day

Dear BCS Student,


Safer Internet Day 2021 takes place today.  


Encouraging positive online wellbeing is very important here in Bailieborough Community School. 

The internet is a brilliant resource. This year we are spending more time online than ever before.  The internet has enabled us to stay connected and to continue your education during the current lockdown. 

We have been very impressed with your engagement to date and with your online conduct to date. Thank you for following our student guide to remote learning and for co-operating with your individual teachers in such a respectful manner.


But as you all know, there can be negatives associated with being online. Here are some reminders to keep you safe online. 



If you experience harassment or cyberbullying online: 

  • Don’t reply to messages that harass or annoy you. 
  • Keep the Message 
  • Block the Sender 
  • Talk to a trusted adult and get support 
  • Report the Problem 


Time Management 

  • Turn off your notifications on MS Teams after school hours. Turn off your notifications on all social media apps.
  • Log out of all your social networks, turn off wi-fi or turn off your phone at bedtime.  
  • Schedule screen free times. 
  • Take an occasional break from social media and digital devices.  


Online Wellbeing 

  • Don’t compare yourself to people you see online – including your friends.  
  • Be in the moment. Enjoy what you’re doing and don’t worry about getting pictures of it! 
  • Accept that you can’t be there for everything – even virtually.  
  • Don’t take it personally.  


 Time Management 

  • Make a to-do list of things you need to do and use your student journal or a planner to keep track of them.  
  • Put an alarm on when playing games online. This will show you how long you have been playing for and when to take a break from the screen.  
  • Choose a specific time to check social media and stick to it.  


Please watch the following clip. It shows how hurtful the words we use can be to others. 


Think before you speak.

Connected // Webwise – YouTube 


Please watch the following clip. It shows you can’t always trust what you see online.                  Don’t compare yourself to others. You are YOU! 

The Full Picture – YouTube 


Remember we are here to support you in BCS.  


For further tips on how to stay safe online, please visit Youth – (


We also encourage you to visit our website where you can click or the distance learning information tab for further guidance or the news tab for the latest updates.



This week we are running two different competitions to encourage you to take care of yourself and stay safe online; a POSTER  and a PHOTOGRAPHY competition!


Important information about both competitions is attached. 

We look forward to your participation in both!


Ms Mc Govern, Ms Holton, Mr Kenny and Ms Lievens