Beyond the Classroom 


We pursue excellence in teaching & learning and encourage participation in a range of opportunities  beyond the classroom.



Poetry is viewed as both a worthy endeavour in both its creation and oration in BCS and in light of this the school endeavours to allow students to engage with poetry in whatever means they enjoy by encouraging students to write their own poetry and by entering Poetry Aloud Competitions. 

Students enter the Windows Poetry competition every year and there has been a lot of success in this competition over the years. 

Students also enter the different Poetry Aloud Competitions throughout the year. 

The following poems were successful in the Windows Poetry Competition.

Memories of a Snow Day

My coat was tight;

I’d grown since last winter.

I waddled down the path,

Leaving footprints behind.

My cheeks were pink,

My nose was red.

A light dusting they called it:

Not very deep – just enough.

I reached out to touch the powder:

Cold, wet, white.

by Josie O Connor

The Rain

It hammers relentlessly against the frosted window,

I watch mesmerized as the droplets glide down the glass.

The sky is dull and the air is cold,

But I bundle by the window to marvel at the beauty.

The droplets drip almost like a race to the finish,

I watch from my perch and silently will them on.

It\’s eerily silent apart from the patter on the pane,

I truly do love to sit and watch the rain.

by Phoebe Thompson